Personal Training Program

Personal Training Academy

Background Information

TCPR Personal Training Academy

The Personal Training Academy program is our signature on-site training system. It was conceived based on the observation that traditional group formats, like big box academies, are ill-suited to provide adequate training to develop athletes in today’s tennis environment. This is because they lack the expertise and/or resources to address all factors of performance on a personalized basis.

In fact, the trend in high performance player development has drifted towards the use of personal coaching over at least the past decade. This was inevitable because the demands of high-level competition preparation require personal attention. Unfortunately, the personal coach model is also inadequate because regardless of a single coach’s skill they also lack the range of expertise and/or resources to address all factors of performance.

The TCPR Personal Training Program addresses the need for personal coaching and management while at the same time providing extensive training in every performance critical area. By leveraging our global expertise across the full range of performance factors we have created the perfect environment for athletes to train for the highest level of competition on a truly individual basis.

The PTA Solution

The TCPR Personal Training Academy (PTA) is based on a Lead Coach Model. Players participating in the PTA will select a lead coach to manage their training program. The role of the lead coach is to tailor a program specifically addressing the player’s unique needs and serve as the primary developmental instructor.

The lead coach will work closely with the player and parent(s) to develop a training schedule composed of the specific training components (detailed in the following section) available at TCPR. The TCPR training components are  the most sophisticated  and comprehensive  in the tennis industry so any, or all, performance factors may be addressed and adapted based on progression.

The TCPR training components were developed by demonstrated experts in each area. These experts are actively engaged in our program and work closely with the lead coach and player at all levels of development. The PTA is a team based and scientifically oriented program utilizing the state-of-the-art technology, advanced data analytics and world-class facilities with multiple surfaces.

TCPR Lead Coaches

  • Dr. Brian Gordon – Biomechanics and High Performance Specialist
  • Kevin Chow – Tactics and High Performance Specialist
  • David Bailey – Footwork and High Performance Specialist

Personal Training Academy Highlights

  • Lead coach to manage all aspects of player development.
  • Coaching team of industry leading experts.
  • Training components covering every performance critical factor.
  • Completely individualized programming based on need.
  • State-of-the-art technology and data analytics tracking system.
  • World-class training facilities and multiple surfaces.

Training Component Options

  • Stroke Mechanics/Shot Development – Dr. Brian Gordon, Ph.D.
  • Live Skill Integration – Staff Coaches
  • Tactics/Match Play – Kevin Chow
  • Footwork & Movement – David Bailey
  • Strength & Conditioning – Staff Coaches
  • Sport Psychology – Dr. Jorge Valverde, Ph.D.
  • Neuro-Sensory Conditioning – Staff Coaches
  • Medical/Physiological Function – Dr. Patricio Rossi, M.D.
  • Tournament Support – Lead Coach & Staff Coaches

Training Components

Stroke mechanics is the “third rail” in most training programs. The “strokes will develop on their own” is often the approach in training players. Not for PTA participants – technique efficacy is a priority and progression will be personally overseen by Dr. Brian Gordon, Ph.D. Players will have the opportunity to work with Dr. Gordon privately to assess stroke progression on all strokes including with 3D motion analysis technology as needed. The assessment will be conveyed to our coaches for reinforcement in all other training activities.

In our programs footwork is a major emphasis. Participants will have the opportunity to work directly with one of the top experts in tennis footwork. Footwork is more than just getting to the ball and recovering – there is an optimal footwork and balance move for every incoming ball, desired shot and surface. Through unparalleled research David Bailey has identified all of these and will make sure our players have impeccable movement focusing on balance, stability and speed in preparing to move, moving to the ball, using the legs on the strokes, and recovering.

Live skills integration refers to one-on-one sparring (live hitting) with a member of the TCPR sparring staff. This training is critical to apply learned skills into the live hitting realm. The content of each session will be prescribed by the lead coach based on need. Sessions will address specific performance critical variables such as serve, return of serve, shot output (speed, spin, and trajectory), shot sequences, tactics and full point play to name a few. The sessions may utilize PlaySight ball tracking technology along with other measurement technologies as deemed appropriate by the lead coach.

Recognizing situations and responding with effective shot sequences is the focus of our tactical training program. The program utilizes tactical drilling and match play.  The match play element also allows players to perfect technical skills under pressure as a transition to competition. PTA players will participate in extensive and rigorous  tactical training and match play. Group sessions combining PTA players, Chow Academy players and other local players will be conducted in 3 hour sessions. The sessions are organized and conducted by our tactics specialist Mr. Chow, with on-court assistance from Dr. Gordon.

In stark contrast with the very basic fitness approach at many tennis based fitness programs, for PTA participants strength and conditioning is a scientifically based, elite-level program similar to that of world-class professional athletes. Our training staff addresses strength, speed, agility, power and endurance with a focus on tennis function. They work closely with our specialists, lead coaches and coaching staff to ensure each player is receiving the individualized training required for their tennis development.

Vision and the efficacy of neural connectivity to the brain and motor system are perhaps the most critical performance factors in tennis. These are rarely addressed in development programs, until now. Based on our training in the high performance vision program of Dr. Don Teig, our training staff will lead players through a program shown to improve performance vision and motor coordination. The program utilizes vision specific training protocols to improve vision quality and reaction time.

Dr. Patricio Rossi, M.D. brings his Sport Performance Program to PTA players. Through work with several pro (A.T.P. top 5) players Dr. Rossi has developed tests and analysis to assess physiological function. These tests and results will be  used to define fitness training and adjust lifestyle. Hydration, oxygen consumption, lactic acid accumulation and nutrition will be monitored (to name a few of the parameters).  Dr. Rossi’s world-class program utilizes periodic testing followed by result based consultation via video conferencing or in person.

At the end of the day, mental toughness trumps all else in the critical moments that determine wins and losses. The mental part of the sport must be addressed and PTA participants will have the opportunity to train with a true genius in the area of tennis mental training. Dr. Jorge Valverde, Ph.D. has developed an innovative and proven system to help players with the mental aspects of high level performance. Dr. Valverde’s unique program utilizes initial assessments followed by interventions supported with personal interaction via video conferencing, by phone or in person.

Despite world-class preparation leading into an event, support during major competition can’t be overlooked. Planning, schedule management and coaching often make the difference between success and failure. Our programs offer the opportunity for the TCPR coaching staff to accompany players to major events for support in all of these areas. This will ensure no barriers exist in our player’s quest to succeed in high level competition.

The Program

The Personal Training Academy (PTA) may be used as a long or short term training solution. The price of participation will be based entirely on the program participation level and the training components utilized. Three levels of participation are offered: Full Time, Part Time and Visiting.


Full Time Participant

Full time participants are players that utilize our program as their primary training solution. Participants will select a lead coach and benefit from a full range of the training components offered at TCPR. A base package of components has been created by TCPR staff that we feel provides the best mix of components (see full time base components chart). The components in the packages are offered at highly discounted rates.

Part Time Participant

Part time participants may or may not utilize our program as their primary training solution. Participants need not have a lead coach and may select only the training components they desire. The component(s) selected are offered at discounted rates and must be pre-purchased in packages of 10 sessions (see part time rate chart).

Visiting Participants

Short term visitors are welcome to utilize our program training components. Participants will not need to select a lead coach and may select the components they desire in single session increments. Rates for components selected will be the normal rate for each expert providing the service (see visiting rate chart).


The Sport Performance Program (Medical/Physiological) and the Valverde System (Tennis specific Sport Psychology) are extended term programs and require longer commitments to be effective. They are treated as add ons to the base package priced at a highly reduced rate for PTA full time participants. Part time participants may also utilize these services. The details of these programs are explained in the following sections.

Full time  PTA participants are offered tournament support services for major events. Tournament support includes managing transportation, accommodation and nutrition as well as providing hitting (practice and warm-up) and match coaching. The cost for tournament support will be an add-on expense to include travel expenses plus $300.00/Day renumeration. In the case more than one PTA player is competing, this expense will be divided by the number of players attending the event.

Sport Medicine/Physiological Function

Sports Performance Program

The Sports Performance Program is a unique and very important part of the TCPR program. Health and safety are often overlooked in training programs. Dr. Patricio Rossi has developed a program, ground-breaking in tennis, to make sure health and safety are a priority for PTP athletes.

The goal of the program is to promote a healthy training environment, working in an interdisciplinary way in order to help the athletes to maximize their performance through proper training, nutrition and resting techniques. Also to reduce and maximize injury prevention techniques and the early diagnosis and treatment of sport related injuries.

Our program is carefully designed for each individual athlete and a minimum 12 month commitment is recommended in order to achieve best results. The goal is for Dr. Rossi and the program to become part of the athlete’s development all the way to the finish line in order to maximize sports performance activity and planning.

The program consists of critical medical and physiological tests and follow-up consultations with Dr. Rossi. The tests are conducted three times per year in order to adequately assess training induced adaptations and to adjust training loads and body preparation for training. The program requires a pre-particiation physical conducted by a sport medicine physician (we can refer one). An additional fee of $250.00 per testing period covers testing equipment and laboratory costs.

Sports Performance Program Assessments

Testing, Training and Follow up of Fitness Markers

  • Anthropometry ( Body Composition).
  • Flexibility
  • Agility & Speed
  • Power
  • Strength and muscular endurance testing
  • Aerobic Endurance testing.

Hydration Testing

Hydration testing involves comprehensive analysis of electrolyte and fluid loss on-court during play. There are extensive variations in the rate of loss of fluids and electrolytes as a response to exercise among individual athletes.

Based on the testing results, habit modifications and development of specific hydration recommendations and drink customization can be implemented in order to maximize performance during competition and recovery.

Lactate Testing

Blood lactate levels are perhaps the best studied and most effective measures of the body’s response to exercise. Blood lactate levels will gradually increase as the duration and intensity of exercise increases.

When blood lactate concentrations are evaluated along with heart rate they can be used as valuable assessment of fitness and more importantly can be used to determine and adjust training modalities and work loads.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate is an important parameter for assessing fitness and designing training protocols. The following personalized heart rate zones will be established and tracked for each player:

  •  Active Recovery
  • Aerobic Threshold
  • Tempo
  • Sub-lactate
  • Lactate Threshold
  • Aerobic Capacity

Sport Nutrition

Nutrition plays an essential role in fueling athletes’ bodies for optimal training and performance. For many athletes, proper nutrition is the missing link to maximizing their potential.

To eliminate this common problem, our program will customize diet and nutrition. This interdiction will enhance performance, improve health and achieve weight and body composition goals.

Sleep Assessment

Sleep is an often overlooked but important component in athletic training and performance. Sleep deprivation has been shown to have negative consequences to motivation, arousal and cognition along with physiological processes such as metabolism and recovery (training and injury).

Research has indicated it is very common for athletes to suffer sleep disorders. This includes both the volume and quality sleep. Our program will closely monitor sleep habits in order to make lifestyle adjustments toward mitigating the adverse consequences of inadequate sleep on performance.

Optional Testing

The following tests and assessments are not part of the standard program but are available to our athletes based on need:

  • VO2 Max Metabolic Testing.
  • Stress and Rest Optimization.
  • Periodization Management.
  • Injury Prevention Strategies.

Optional testing and assessment requires additional fees.

Sport Psychology Program

The Valverde System

Mental “toughness” is a key component to any athlete’s performance. This factor trumps all physical preparation in the critical moments that determine wins and loses in competition and is therefore an important component of the program at TCPR.

Similar to the training systems for most performance factors, the overall efficacy of a mental training system is hard to quantify. If one judges effectiveness by the improvement of players using the system it would be hard to find a more successful system than that of Dr. Valverde. Over a long period of time the list of players his system has helped is impressive including top juniors, collegiate players and professional players. It is highly recommended that TCPR athletes participate in this program.

The theory behind the Valverde System is fascinating. There are populations of individuals that throughout history have been able to accomplish amazing feats of endurance and pain suppression beyond explanation by physical attributes. Research has indicated the ability to accomplish these feats was mental and based on the ability to absorb training information into the subconscious by entering a deep mind state (Theta Brain Wave State). As Dr. Valverde points out “this is very important because our subconscious mind controls up to 90% of our behavior and performance”.

Accessing this Theta state and therefore the subconscious mind is the foundation of the Valverde System. The program consists of initial evaluation, study of written material, mental exercises based on the written material, listening to CD tracks in conjunction with the Light and Sound System and extensive consultation with Dr. Valverde. It is suggested that the minimum period of training be six months. More information about the components of the Valverde System can be found in the accompanying table (right or below).

Valverde System Components

Intake Questionare

Participants will start by completing a written questionnaire. The answers given serve as a diagnostic tool used to analyze 12 dimensions of mental skill. These include:

Desire, eating habits, perception of potential, dedication, determination, goal setting, courage, concentration, confidence, winning attitude, pride, perspective.

Reading Assignments – Participants will read program instructions and three books written by Dr. Valverde: From Flooding to Zoning, The Blue Print to Success, Mental Toughness is a Gift for Life.

Reading Based Mental Exercises –  Based on study of the reading materials, participants will complete exercises to increase their mental awareness and it’s influence on their performance.

Listening to CD tracks – Immediately upon starting the program, participants will listen to CD tracks. Each track covers information about the building blocks critical to success on and off the court.

Light and Sound System – Listening to the CD tracks is in conjunction with the Light and Sound System provided by specialized glasses (provided to participants) developed to put players into a deep state of mind termed the “Theta” state. This allows the the CD information to be absorbed into the subconscious mind.

During the entire process of the mental training protocol Dr. Valverde may be contacted by phone or email. Contact can be made ANYTIME to share information about progress, challenges or any other issue important to mental toughness development. This is a critical part of the Valverde System and is very unique in mental training systems.

Personal Training Academy

Developed and Implemented by the TCPR Specialists

This program is the most advanced and progressive in the tennis industry. It addresses every performance critical factor on an individual basis. It is designed for serious players seeking the perfect training environment.