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About TCPR

The Next Generation of Player Development

The Tennis Center for Performance Research (TCPR) was founded in 2017 with the mission to develop a new paradigm for player development and performance based on science, technology and data analytics. We are pioneering the development of world-class stroke mechanics through research (biomechanics, lower body mechanics, specific strength, sport medicine and physiology, mental performance, tactics) to facilitate development of high performance athletes in tennis.

The TCPR Concept

The Stroke Mechanics Specialists

TCPR specializes in Tennis Stroke Mechanics. This includes the technique used to hit tennis strokes combined with the quantified efficacy of the shots produced – all under variable and extreme conditions. It is the most important skill set in the sport.

The TCPR methodology is based on decades of basic and applied research in tennis stroke biomechanics. The system is enhanced by application of advances in the other sport sciences. The corresponding tab section (right/below) highlights our areas of emphasis in application.

Our approach is in stark contrast to the approach of the majority of training programs in the current player development realm. These programs neglect sophisticated stroke mechanics development primarily because they don’t consider it important and/or they lack the expertise to address the subject in a meaningful way. More…

You would not go to a general medicine practitioner for knee surgery… why would you go to a game-based academy for world-class mechanics?

TCPR Offers:

  • An individualized personal coaching format.
  • An interdisciplinary consulting team of industry experts.
  • World-class stroke development for high performance players.
  • Coaches’ training and education.
  • Online access to the most reliable information in tennis.
  • Virtual instruction with our specialists.
TCPR Stroke Mechanics Program

Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique – Dr. Brian Gordon, Ph.D.

Dr. Gordon’s work in biomechanics and in tennis is the foundation of the TCPR stroke mechanics program. His Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique (BEST) System is the only empirically based stroke mechanics system in the world. It is based on three decades of academic and applied research and addresses neuromuscular optimization in stroke technique. The system has been extensively field tested over the last two decades.

Dr. Brian Gordon & Othmane Garma

Lower limb mechanics is a sub-specialty in the TCPR system. Obviously moving to and from the ball is an important prerequisite to hitting high-level shots and we focus on that extensively.

The manner in which the lower limb contributes to stroke production is also a major focus in our program. Stroke critical determinants such as stances, force generation, force transmission, balance, and sequencing are systematically trained by our lower limb specialist, Mr. Garma.

Dr. Brian Gordon and Noel Gressner

In contrast to general strength and conditioning programs (which are important) the TCPR program targets the stroke specific function of the neuromuscular system in the context of the B.E.S.T. system.

Each session facilitates execution of a specific stroke. Muscular development will focus on agonist/antagonist relationships, muscle length (joint angles), speeds of contraction, sequencing of joint rotations, and force production optimization mechanisms.

Sport Physiology Performance Program – Dr. Patricio Rossi, M.D.

Physiological factors constitute an important breakdown mechanism to stroke production. Global and local fatigue and disruption of the metabolic pathways limit the ability to produce high-level strokes over time at high intensity.

Complementing his work in injury diagnostics and intervention, Dr. Rossi has developed the world’s most advanced program to systematically track and improve physiological function during play.

Valverde System – Dr. Jorge Valverde, Ph.D.

The psychological implications of competition and training are the biggest barrier to stroke production for a large number of players. This single factor can trump all else in hitting the big shot at the big time.

Dr. Valverde has developed arguably the most effective mental training system in tennis. He has helped an extensive list of professional, college and junior players based on his innovative Valverde System.

Othmane Garma & Julio Peralta

There is a direct relationship between stroke mechanics and the tactical approaches available to players. The TCPR stroke mechanics program is designed to address this relationship.

The strokes are built to be adaptable to all incoming shots and produce a full range of outgoing shot options. Progression of these skills allows our coaches and consultants to design very sophisticated tactical plans. Building these plans is the ultimate goal of our program.

Noel Gressner, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Mr. Gressner brings his extensive experience as a Sport Medicine practitioner to TCPR. He will oversee the Sport Medicine Program. Mr. Gressner has been a certified athletic trainer at the highest levels of tennis. In addition he is a practicing physical therapist holding a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. He is also a certified Strength & Conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified tennis coach with both the USPTA and PTR.

TCPR Fitness & Conference Center (under construction)

Miami, Florida

From the Headquarters

The Future of Player Development

A recent event could very well portend the future of training for high performance players. TCPR will be at the forefront of this revolution. See the technology here…

Virtual Stroke Mechanics Training

Can’t take the trip to Miami – not a problem. Beginning this summer players may participate in live on-line virtual instruction and training with Dr. Brian Gordon. Details…

Coach OG Joins TCPR

Othmane Garma (“OG”) brings his wealth of professional experience to TCPR as a high performance lead coach and a specialist in lower body mechanics and movement. More…

TCPR Knowledge Base Blog

A Blog about TCPR and Player Development. Recent in the Knowledge Base: So What is the ATP Forehand Anyway?

Tennis Training

Training Opportunities

Personal Training – Miami, FL

The personal training program is our signature on-site junior player development system. A comprehensive development program focuses specifically on stroke technique and shot output efficacy. Secondary focus is on the supporting sport science concepts of lower body mechanics and stroke specific muscle function.

Player Development – Boca Raton, FL

Dr. Brian Gordon has joined forces with the Barwis Performance Group to help establish the Barwis Racquet Sports Program. Our signature stroke mechanics system combined with the world-class athlete development program at the Barwis Performance Center make this the most advanced development system in tennis. More about Barwis Performance…

Virtual Training & Instruction

Developing players travel from across the country and world to learn and train in our system. Now it is possible to work with our specialists live on-line. Virtual sessions allow us to interact with players in live training sessions on court – it is the next best thing to being in Miami. Session times are limited so book your training soon. Available Summer 2020. Details…

Tennis Education

Educational Opportunities

The TCPR Knowledge Base

The TCPR blog administered by Dr. Brian Gordon highlights a myriad of issues related to developing tennis athletes. An emphasis is on applied sport science but no topic related to the complexities of building a tennis player is off the table. New articles will be added on a regular basis. The content should be of particular interest to junior coaches, parents and  players. Enter the Knowledge Base…

Stroke Mechanics University

The Stroke Mechanics “U” is our on-line learning resource for tennis science. College level courses will incorporate learning and study modules, concept testing and weekly lectures (on-line). Courses will run 4-6 weeks in duration and earn a certificate of completion. The first course, Neuromechanics of Advanced Stroke Production, is in development so check back for details. Available Winter 2020.

Stroke Biomechanics

The Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique System (B.E.S.T.) is arguably tennis’ most advanced and researched program for evaluating and teaching stroke mechanics to developing players. Coaches interested in certification in the B.E.S.T. System are invited to visit TCPR to train personally with Dr. Gordon. Available Summer 2020.

TCPR Specialist Team

Brian Gordon, Ph.D.

Stroke Biomechanics Specialist, Junior High Performance Lead Coach

More Information

Othmane Garma

Lower Body Mechanics Specialist, High Performance & Professional Lead Coach

More Information

Julio Peralta

Tactics Specialist and Consultant

More Information

Noel Gressner, PT, DPT, MTC, MEd, ATC, LAT, CSCS

Sport Medicine and Strength & Conditioning Consultant

Patricio Rossi, M.D.

Sport Physiology Specialist, Sport Medicine Consultant

Jorge Valverde, Ph.D.

Sport Psychology Specialist

More Information

Kevin Chow

Junior High Performance and Professional Development Consultant

Gonzalo Calzon

Lead Hitting Coach and Fitness Coach

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