Dr. Brian Gordon Ph.D.

Brian Gordon, Ph.D.

About Brian Gordon

Dr. Brian Gordon is a high performance coach and researcher in Tennis Biomechanics. He earned a Doctoral degree in Biomechanics from Indiana University after receiving a Master of Basic Science degree in Exercise Science from the University of Colorado.

Dr. Gordon’s research has been published in scientific journals. He has been a presenter at several coaching conventions and contributor to a variety of tennis coaching publications. His work has been profiled in several publications including the New York Times and Tennis Magazine.

Combining his academic and coaching endeavors, Dr. Gordon developed an empirically based and field tested methodology in tennis stroke mechanics. The methodology known as “Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique” forms the foundation of several training programs and is the basis for his coaching of high level junior, collegiate and professional players.

” … Dr. Brian Gordon, the #1 swing coach in my opinion, in the world. “

Rick Macci, USPTA Hall of Fame

“… absolutely revolutionary research and coaching approach of Dr. Brian Gordon who has set new standards for understanding the game through his 3D research.”

John Yandell, Tennisplayer.net

Dr. Gordon’s Curriculum Vita

Consulting Services

Dr. Gordon is available to provide his expertise on stroke technique. Based on provided video of the strokes, he will provide analysis on current technique, suggest changes and provide a detailed roadmap for future progression of stroke mechanics. The service is available for individual strokes, or all strokes, as a single assessment or periodically over time. Interested parties should contact Dr. Gordon directly using the form below.

Rates For Technique Consultation

One-time – Single Stroke : $200.00

One-time – All Strokes (Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Volleys): $600.00

On-going – All Strokes (One Year, One Session/Month): $5000.00

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